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Powers Of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

Appoint someone you trust for peace of mind. Braidwoods are happy to help advise and arrange Power of Attorney.


Power of Attorney Services

Having a plan in place confirming who you wish to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable is essential.

Braidwoods can guide you through the process of deciding which powers to grant and who to appoint as your attorney.

The style of document most commonly used is known as “an Enduring and Welfare” power of attorney.

This attempts to contain wide ranging authority covering such matters as operation of Bank accounts, borrowing, dealing with tax affairs, litigation, dealing with property, power to make gifts, the effect being to give control to the attorney over the financial affairs of the granter.

The Welfare part of the power deals with involvement in and making of decisions in relation to the care of the person including their medical care, where they are to live, how they are to be clothed and fed and can also encompass instructions in relation to medical treatment, the granter may or may not be prepared to receive.

At Braidwoods we are experienced in advising clients about Powers of Attorney including consideration of the choice of who an appropriate Attorney might be. It is competent to make separate appointments in respect of the enduring and welfare functions. People may also chose to limit the powers to be granted.

We are happy to advise you on such matters.


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