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Braidwoods solicitors have extensive experience of advising clients on the very important aspects of Will making and where appropriate Inheritance Tax planning.


Taking Care of Your Affairs

The making of a Will is the exercise of a basic human right and we are always happy to talk to clients about their individual requirements. As a matter of policy whenever you do work with us you are invited to ask about making a Will and to have it included on very generous terms.

When a death does occur we are experienced in helping those closest deal with what can be a daunting administrative process to finalise the affairs of the deceased person.

Making a will

Some Basic Information

Wills allow someone to formally leave instructions for the distribution of their assets and often for their funeral intentions – and to communicate these wishes without the potential distress or difficulties of discussing them directly with relatives. It is important that Wills are updated as the individual’s wishes change. Wills also allow provision to be made for people who perhaps wouldn’t otherwise benefit.

Everyone should make a Will with a solicitor to ensure that their wishes are followed.

If someone dies without a Will, their assets are distributed according to the rules of intestacy. This could mean assets and money going to people the deceased had not wanted to benefit. It could also lead to people who the deceased wanted looked after –unmarried partners, for example – not inheriting, and even unnecessary problems with Inheritance Tax.


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