Making a Will – Some Basic Information

Wills allow someone to formally leave instructions for the distribution of their assets and often for their funeral intentions – and to communicate these wishes without the potential distress or difficulties of discussing them directly with relatives.  It is important that Wills are updated as the individual's wishes change. Wills also allow provision to be made for people who perhaps wouldn’t otherwise benefit.
Everyone should make a Will with a solicitor to ensure that their wishes are followed.
If someone dies without a Will, their assets are distributed according to the rules of intestacy. This could mean assets and money going to people the deceased had not wanted to benefit. It could also lead to people who the deceased wanted looked after –unmarried partners, for example – not inheriting, and even unnecessary problems with Inheritance Tax.


06 Sep 2013

Braidwoods are pleased to announce that they have recently become the first Firm in the south west of Scotland to join the group of independent Solicitors known as Soli

05 Sep 2012

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05 Sep 2012

Braidwoods are pleased to be taking part in the September 2013 Will Relief Scotland Campaign.  This has now become an annual event and is not to be confused with t